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Oil And Water Separators By Agilis Technology


We all know from our school education that oil and water can never work together, don’t we? So, this is a big challenge for many companies particularly those without the right technology to separate the same. It can either be in the petroleum usage in their machines or the products they deliver to clients if they are in petroleum production. Well, oil and water separator (ows) by Agilis could be your total problem solver as they have the best technologies for this. Try them for the most efficient results. If you want to know how they do this, then this article will explain.

Oil and water separators by Agilis Technologies

How they ensure to be the best

Their technologies are highly researched by top-notch engineers to collect up to 40 microns which are by far too minute for conventional techniques. As a matter of fact, most of the other technologies will miss this thus not making much difference in the final product. The company vows to offer the best and most sophisticated solutions to their clients and continue to improve on a daily basis.


Common oil water separators by Agilis Technologies

The above ground oil-water separator – As the name suggests, it is installed above and connected to the oil system for separation before the two goes separate ways. It is easier to surface or detect a problem.

Below ground oil – water separator – It’s an opposite of the other option where it is installed underground. Although, performs at the same efficiency most people prefer this option as it can save on space.

Application of oil-water separators

Waste products – Most countries require factories to dispose of their oil waste in a particular manner. Therefore, they need to have all the water separated from the oil waste. Thus, this technology will come in use.

Petroleum products for machines – Most factory machines run on petroleum products. To ensure long service, water elements needs to be removed before it goes into the system. So a well sophisticated oil-water separator can be installed by Agilis technology for maximum efficiency of your products.


Benefits of using oil-water separators

Well, they are some of the best efficiency enhancers for most industrial machines. Water can cause rusting to the internal parts and hinder the efficiency. Additionally, it could be difficult to comply with the law without the use of the machine. Thus it is crucial to embrace this technology in your company.