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Four Essential SEO Tips to Build Your Brand

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The biggest mistake that an entrepreneur can make in today’s business environment is to neglect SEO strategies when launching a new brand. It is not a patch you can apply later on. In fact, you must think of the SEO strategies since the conception of your new brand. 

1. Hire a Local SEO Agency

The primary source of your SEO knowledge may come from the Big Leagues, like Neil Patel, Spencer Haws, Jeff Quipp, and Eric Enge. But you can’t really make them work for you, can you? Surely reading their content should have made you gained a thing or two about SEO, but it must not make you think you are better than the real agencies who have been working in the field for years. 

If your company is based in Canada, for example.

2. Make Your Brand Relevant

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This concept is very relative to the environment of your marketing target. If you aim at the younger generation, then the design of your brand’s logo must look attractive to them. And to achieve so, you should hire only a capable designer who is up-to-date with youngsters’ styles. 

Relevance also means that you don’t beat around the bush when it comes to delivering the vision behind your brand. Your logo and slogan must match each other, and they must be sensitive to the latest updates in politically correct norms. 

3. Mind Your Digital Representation Seriously

branding strategiesYour digital trace stays forever on the Internet. Once you make a mess, people can dig it up easily. For example, in 2017, Dove created a terrible ad that was not sensitive to racial issues. People discussed about it on social media extensively. And if you are curious about this case, you can even still find it out circulating on the Internet. Public relation countermeasure was released, of course. But such a crisis will destroy the brand that they have built for almost 13 years. 

Therefore, you should not take your brand’s digital persona lightly. All content, ranging from ads, social media updates, reports, blog reviews, etc., must be on your watch. 

4. Polish Your Brand’s Story

People don’t want a blatant sale attempt. They want to be persuaded. However, if you translate this as a justification for forgeries, then you are wrong. ‘Polishing’ your brand’s story does not equal to making things up. In fact, you must keep your story as authentic as possible because people will know if you lie. And once you are exposed, your brand’s future ends. 

First, focus the story on your target costumers. You exist to fulfill their needs, not to shove them with products they don’t need. Second, the story must contain keywords that are relevant to your brand’s logo and slogan. When you can pull this flawlessly, your brand’s message will resonate to your users and create a bigger ripple.