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Choosing Your Podcast Concept and Style

If your podcasting gear is already all set, choosing the genre of your podcast can be challenging. To do so, you have to consider your interests and talent. You should also know who will be your target audience. From there, you can now select your podcast genre before you can think on how to launch a podcast that will be well-received by the public.

Here are some of the most common concepts and styles of the most successful podcasts nowadays.


With this type of podcast, you will be inviting guests to shed light on some hot topics. Topics can range from sex to drugs, relationships, current events, or what have you. Be sure to invite guests who are knowledgeable of the topic on hand to answer your questions spontaneously. Screen your guests, and you can instruct them beforehand about the mechanisms of the interview, so you will not be putting each other in an embarrassing situation. Make the interviews lively and straightforward. You can have it more engaging by answering questions from your listeners.

Storytelling Style

This kind of podcast is like a movie being narrated by a storyteller. If you choose this concept, you should be good at making the storyline. This type may need more preparation than the other types, as you need to finish the script before your scheduled podcast. You should also master how to use sounds effects to make your storytelling more compelling. You can suspense stories, stories for kids, or whatever genre you think fits your listeners.

Teaching Podcast

This podcast is informative and educational. You can choose subjects in schools if you want to like math or the sciences to target students as your listeners. You can also delve into topics about the environment, history, technology, philosophy, law, culture, religion, health, politics, among others. You will never run of topics when choosing this type of podcast as long as you will be doing your research.

Location-Based Concept

Podcasting is something that is limited to a room. You can bring anywhere else and go on with your podcasting show. You can be at the outdoors, in a restaurant, at the football arena, or anywhere else. You can do live coverage of anything you want.

Mixed Podcast

Podcasts are not limited to the ones mentioned above. There are a lot of ways to do it. You can do audio dramas, comedy casting, and video podcasting. You can also have a mix of the two or more concepts like teaching aided with interviews with experts while on a location. Indeed, there is no limit to one’s creativity when it comes to podcasting.