How to Choose the Best Ice Auger

ice auger


Ice augers are categorized into three when it comes to power. We have the hand, gas or electric powered.

Manual Auger

The manual auger is also referred to as the hand ice auger. It requires your strength to operate. It is best used by people who want to go fishing in remote areas because it does not need any source of power. A manual ice auger is also useful when you are fishing at a time when the ice is not to thick.

If you are operating on a fixed budget, I would advise you to choose the hand ice auger. Powered augers are priced almost three times the price of the hand ice auger. If you are the type that fishes once in a very long time, we encourage you to but the manual ice auger because it is more affordable.

Electric ice Auger

The electric augers are costly but with more features. First of all, they do not produce any noise, and it does not require you to use your energy because it powered by electricity. Looking at it from the environment eye, it conserves the environment because it does not produce noise or oil fumes. The main disadvantage of power ice auger is that it stops to function right way when its battery levels go down.

Gas Auger

Gas powered augers are termed as the fastest when it comes to drilling the ice. However, they are heavy and pollutes the environment. It is advisable to have a manual auger as a backup when using gas augers.

Features to Look for When Buying Ice Augers


Ice augers weigh differently. This depends on the features of the particular ice auger. The hand or manual augers are the lightest while the power powered augers are the heaviest. Depending on your fishing and traveling needs, ensure that you get the right weight.

Fueling Technology

If you are traveling to the remote areas for fishing, manual ice augers are the best. Battery augers cannot be used when their battery levels are low.

Blade Size

The blade size you choose should be determined by the size of the fish you are targeting. The blade sizes range from six to ten inches. If you are aiming to catch large fish, 10 inches make the best choice. It can as well dig large holes.

The Sharpness of the Blade

Ensure that your blade is sharp to achieve the best results. The blade should be able to drill through the ice as fast as possible, and the sharpness of the blade determines this. It is okay to invest in sharpening jigs.